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What is your typical day like in graduate school? Your typical week? Share this information with each other and see how your experience compares. Plus, maybe learn some tips to making your typical day or week easier.

  1. I was told some great advice -- write every day for at least 1-2 hours. You may not believe it, but that doubled the amount of manuscripts I could complete in a given semester or year. Also, writing everyday forces you to uncover potential gaps in your thinking, and better ways to approach your research.
  2. Even when my schedule provides me with an opportunity to work from home, I find it more productive to spend the day at school. There, I am more motivated and less likely to be distracted by daytime television or a nap.
  3. As a student with a 50% RAship taking two courses, I spend: 20 hours per week working as an RA (e.g. running subjects, analyzing data), 8 hours per week in class, 6 hours per week in meetings (e.g. lab meetings, brownbags, advisor meetings), 4 hours per week reading or doing other course-related work, and 10 hours per week doing additional research tasks (e.g. writing manuscripts, developing ideas, working on existing projects). Grad school is definitely a full-time job.
  4. I have to walk a lot between my classes, which are just 15 minutes apart. I get tired, during the end of the day. The only thing which motivates me to work on my coursework is my interest in the subject I take. So try to take the subjects in which you have at least some basic interest.

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