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Hi, my name is Doug Stenstrom, and I am one of the creators of the psychwiki website. I wanted to thank you for making the changes to the webpage on mediation. I apologize about the prior omissions. I accessed the macros through the Preacher website and didn’t realize it linked to your webpage. I made a few more changes to the mediation page to reflect the updated information (-- you can see the "recent changes" by clicking on the link in the side-bar to the left). As you saw, the great advantage of a wiki is the ability for experts in our field to easily correct any errors/ommissions and provide more informative content for the user, so if anything I have changed or added it still incomplete, please feel free to make any more edits you wish by adding or deleting anything on the webpage.

We are still in the early stages of crafting psychwiki (-- we weren’t planning on actively publicizing it until later this year) so we would be interested in any feedback you may have about any part of the website, or other types of webpages that you think researchers would find useful. I would like to highlight the grant funding page (Grant Funding) as one of the webpages we think demonstrates the usefulness of a wiki because of the ability to receive email updates on page changes, and the ability to pool our collective knowledge to everyone’s benefit.

I can be reached at Email1.gif,
or by editing my user talk page (User talk:Stenstro).

Thanks again, doug.

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