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Studies show that social interaction is an essential ingredient of workplace happiness. Let's make Weds mornings a habit.

Please come down to the 5th floor psych office (501) for free coffee/pastries from 9:30 to 11:30 AM on Wednesdays during the semester. We often setup in 514 (conference room within 501) to make it a more spacious setting. Bringing your own coffee/tea cup encouraged but not essential.

Responsibilities for Point Person

(1) Need to purchase pastries, fruit, coffee, sugar, cream (powder + half & half, soy milk), stirrers, cups orange juice, tea bags. We usually purchase from Smart & Final across the street the day before.

Usually we have most of these items in stock (except the fruit, pastries, half & half, and the orange juice of course). You guys should check to make sure we have everything else before purchasing some more of it. The bag full of our supplies is in the "lounge" next to the brown couch and should be kept there each week so we don't have any confusion.

(2) Submit receipt for reimbursement to psych department.

(3) Need to set up before 9:30am which includes making sure that coffee is already made by 9:30am

(4) Cleaning up around 11:30.

Tips from previous point people


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