How to present posters?

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° Make your poster as professional looking as possible because the poster represents you at the conference.

° Have a section where you briefly summarize the entire poster, maybe in abstract form, because most people walking by your poster simply want to know the take-home message, not the details. If someone wants to learn more, then the rest of the poster presentes the details of the research.

° Many people create individual page-size sections which they post individually on the corkboard at the conference, whereas others create one large powerpoint slide that contains all the sections of the poster. The advantage of creating individual page-size sections is the option to include color (because printing a color powerpoint slide can be expensive).

° Make a 1-page handout that summarizes the content of the poster to hand out to people if they ask.

° Have the poster ready before you leave home. This may sound obvious but each year many students try to revise their poster at the conference and incur unneeded stress.


- Sigma Xi has a tips for poster presentations here.

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