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The different functions of this site are summarized below for easy reference on how to achieve the highest use and functionality from PsychWiki:


Look and Feel

  1. Change the formatting and design of the website by clicking on "skin" in the "preference" link at the top of the webpage.
  2. Customize how you view and edit information by using the "preferences" link.
  3. Use the "printable version" link at the navigation bar to the left to see the printer-friendly version of each page.

Editing and making changes

  1. Add content or make changes to both Articles and Discussion pages.
  2. Edit whole pages - click on the "edit" tab at the top of each page.
  3. Edit individual sections - click on the "edit" tab at the end of each section
  4. Customize how you edit information using the "preferences" link.

Keeping track of edits

  1. View the recent edits of all pages in PsychWiki using "Recent changes" so that you can monitor and review changes.
  2. View the recent edits of individual pages by using the "history" tab at the top of each page.
  3. View the recent edits of only those pages which link to the current page using "Related changes".
  4. Indicate which articles you want to watch using the "watch" tab at the top of each page.
  5. View all articles you have indicated as "watch" in your "my watchlist"
  6. You receive email notifications when the pages you have indicated as "watch" change.

Discussions and communicating with others

  1. Each user has their own "my talk" page where messages can be left.
  2. View the comments left on your "my talk" page and communicate with other users.
  3. You receive a "You have a new messages" email notice if someone else has edited your "user page" or your "my talk" page.
  4. Leave your signature when editing pages by typing three tildes (~~~). This is especially helpful when leaving messages in Discussion pages.

Searching and queries

  1. Full-text search using the Search function on the left side bar
  2. "Go" button allows direct viewing of a specified article's contents (tries near match if no exact hit)
  3. "What links here" allows you to view pages that link to the current page (backlinks)
  4. In the "Special pages" section you can view all pages, view only new pages, most popular articles, or most wanted articles.

for more detailed information on these functions see the help! pages.

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