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PsychWiki was created as a tool for psychologists. For example... (Be short, succint, action verbs, and examples)


  • Create a class website
  • (knowledgebase)
  • Create centralized for class project
  • For one of the tools, put in about my writing assignments in 309 and 307 i.e. can use it for writing assignments, and also present HOW I used it, around example of columbine


  • Post your articles
  • (knowledgebase)
  • see comments...
  • comment on ...


  • (professional development)
  • (pro dev at USC)
  • (knowledge base)
  • (if a mentor, so talk about how if currently a mentor can post to pages as way to keep record for your mentees, and.or separate page for mentoring, such as my lab page as example, and do another one, mock up, just about research, just about mentoring if not a researcher, and if mentee, post questions, get answers.


  • (brownbags, etc)
  • Ask questions. If you have a question... red link
  • Respond to questions. If you have an answer...
  • (Should I put in about “since wikis are designed to be able to create a webpage at the click of abutton…”
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