Using Psychwiki to enhance Professional Development Meetings at your school

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Almost every department and school has Professional Development meetings where ..

Psychwiki can be used to enhance professional development meetings by:

Using the content within the Professional Development section as a resource for providing ….

Using the wiki software to help coordinate and bla….

While the purpose of the Professional Development section within PsychWiki is to…

, its also possible to create a stand-alone page for your school…

Advantages of using a wiki: ‘’’Before the meetings:’’’,

the webpage serves as the centralized information hub for the meetings including presenting a schedule of upcoming events (e.g., dates/times of the meetings, topics of each meeting, names of speakers, etc.),
the unique ability of a wiki to allow anyone to add content to the “Article” page means that prior to each meeting students can easily post questions to the presenter, which then allows the presentation to be tailored to the student’s needs and concerns,

‘’’After each meeting:’’’

another benefit of being able to easily input content to the “Article” page is that the information presented at each meeting can easily be posted on the website,
posting this information to the website allows continuous access to the information to both the students who attended the presentation and those who may have missed the presentation, including all those students who enter the program year after year,

All that we ask is that you integrate the information from your meetings into the Professional Development mainpage because:

Its easy to integrate the information from your meetings into the Professional Development mainpage. If you are having a professional development meeting on a topic already on PsychWiki, then simply import your information into the existing link. If your Professional Development meeting is on a new topic, then after you create a new link for your school…, then simply post that link…

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