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(Current Schedule)
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(Nov 5 -- Karen Hennigan (USC))
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=== Oct 22 -- Valerie Folkes (USC Marketing) ===
=== Oct 22 -- Valerie Folkes (USC Marketing) ===
=== Nov 5 -- Karen Hennigan (USC) ===
=== Nov 12 -- Peter Carnevale  (USC Management) ===
=== Nov 12 -- Peter Carnevale  (USC Management) ===

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The USC Social Psychology Brownbag Series is a set of informal hour long lectures given each semester by invited speakers to members of the USC Social Psychology department and other members of the academic community who are interested in attending.


Current Schedule

Sept 10 -- Paul Adler (USC Management)


Large-scale collective creativity requires formal coordination mechanisms. This paper explores the kind of individual motivation needed in these settings, where individual contributors need simultaneously to display creativity and to embrace the demands of formal coordination. Creativity depends on intrinsic motivation and on values that honor divergent thinking, whereas embracing formal coordination requires subordination to organizational controls and values that honor conforming to organizational constraints and serving collective goals. We use two concepts -- perceived locus of causality and self-construal – to show how these apparently conflicting motivational orientations can be simultaneously sustained.

Oct 22 -- Valerie Folkes (USC Marketing)

Nov 12 -- Peter Carnevale (USC Management)

Nov 19 -- Margaret Shih (RAND)

Stephen Read (USC Social Psychology)

Date to be determined

Ravi Iyer (USC Social Psychology)

Date to be determined

Information for speakers

Brownbag talks are 1 hour long talks from noon to 1pm given in SGM 807. Please arrive a few minutes before your talk so that we can help get you settled. We provide a projector and can optionally provide a laptop for power point presentations. Talks are usually informal and presentation of empirical results is especially valued.

As a thank you, we usually take speakers to lunch afterwards.

Please contact or with any questions.

Previous speakers

Spring 2007 -

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