Surviving Graduate School

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Learn the tips, tricks, dos, and donts from those who have survived graduate school!

Think of this webpage as a type of professor-to-student and student-to-student mentoring about all of those things we wish someone would have told us when we were in graduate school because this resource could be useful to anyone thinking of going to graduate school or already in graduate school.

We all face the same challenges in graduate school so pass along your hard-won insights about graduate school.

Plus, we have a new section called Who can I talk to if I have a question about graduate school?.

Topics Topics
 S7b.png  How to manage the relationship with your advisor?  S7b.png  What are the unspoken rules of conduct in graduate school?
 S7b.png  Advice for being a TA or RA  S7b.png  What are the advantages of teaching while in graduate school?
 S7b.png  General tips, tricks, and advice for graduate school  S7b.png  What are the characteristics of a good mentor?
 S7b.png  How to network in graduate school?  S7b.png  How to balance time between research and teaching?
 S7b.png  What is the CUR Psychology Division?  S7b.png  What is the first year like in graduate school?
 S7b.png  What are the issues facing international students?  S7b.png  How to find a good mentor?
 S7b.png  What is a typical day/week like?  S7b.png  How to be a successful graduate student?
 S7b.png  I have been admitted to the program, now what do I do?

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