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  • Main Page
    [[Research Process|(Research Process)]]<br> <span style="font-size: 110%;">[[Research Idea|Develop Ideas]]</span><br>
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  • Who can I talk to if I have a question about graduate school?
    ...oking for the inside scoop about all things related to graduate school and research? Join the APSSC Mentorship Program, a program which aims to set you up wit ...Advocate listed on [ this page], and she will contact graduate students and faculty as needed to find soli
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  • Tips On Conducting Experiments
    Lessons learned from conducting experimental research... * Use this link for [[Internet Research]].
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  • What are considered the ranking/ratings of all empirical journals in Social/Personality Psychology?
    * So please feel free to amend or modify the information on this page because the evolving nature of a wiki encourages people to provide input to ...journaldescription.cws_home/622897/description?navopenmenu=1 '''Journal of Research in Personality'''] (JRP from Elsevier)
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  • How to present posters?
    ...ts to learn more, then the rest of the poster presentes the details of the research. ...ains all the sections of the poster. The advantage of creating individual page-size sections is the option to include color (because printing a color powe
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  • Meta-analysis
    * then try '''[[Johnson & Eagly, 2000]]''' (a chapter in the Handbook of Research Methods in Social and Personality Psychology which can be downloaded [http: ...ore in-depth descriptions see '''[[Cooper & Hedges, 1994]]''' (Handbook of Research Synthesis) which provides a separate chapter on every step involved in desi
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  • Classroom Demonstrations in Social Psychology
    '''Please add your own demonstrations to this page....''' ...eported learning about how factors like presentation order could influence research results.
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  • What are the steps in writing grant applications?
    No matter how good your research idea, if you can't successfully communicate that idea to the reviewers then ... from you about your background, your ability and resources to conduct the research, your C.V., and so forth. In the case of fellowships, you also need to deta
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  • When should you consider doing internet research?
    '''When should you consider doing internet research?''' * When the survey contains open ended questions (research shows that people give better open ended answers online)
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  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of doing internet research?
    ...s of conducting online research. Feel free to add your own ideas from your research experience. ==What are the advantages of doing internet research?==
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  • How/where to build your online study
    Got a tool which has helped you do your research more effectively. Share your experience here. There are 3 main ways that you can go about doing research on the internet.
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  • Tips/tricks for conducting internet research project? Here are some tips. Feel free to add your own tips from your research experience. * Research shows that open ended questions are answered more thoughtfully online.
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  • Public Relations and Media
    ...t session. Please add your own tips using the edit tab at the top of this page. ...your university PR office as they can help get messages out as to how your research impacts social issues.
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  • Ask an Internet Research Question
    ...internet survey in a way where the knowledge isn't lost. Simply edit this page by adding your question and Ravi promises to get back to you with an answer ...process which runs a script automatically. You'll need to create a script/page which checks the database for users which have not filled out a questionnai
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  • Why transform continuous variables into categorical variables?
    ...n mind that creating the new categorical variable is answering a different research question than the original continuous variable. When you splice the continu ◄ Back to [[Analyzing Data]] page
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  • Where can I learn more about internet research?
    '''Where can I learn more about internet research?''' ...Explanations and activities teach how to understand and conduct scientific research.
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  • How to recruit subjects online?
    #:[ Psychological Research on the Net] #:[]
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  • Where can I find other resources about grants?
    #[ SPSSI Student Section] lists major fellowships and fund Sigma Xi Student Info page] lists research grants and other sources of funding for scientists of all disciplines.
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  • New to PsychWiki?
    ...e]]. Just click on the "edit" tab, type in what you want, and click "Save page". Its that easy. ... communication or exchanges between users. Look at the top of this Article page and you will see the "Discussion" tab. A red link means nothing has been ad
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  • Archives of data and stimuli
    *:Database of images of novel, unusual objects for experimental research. The database includes 64 primary stimuli and a collection of 10 novel cate in Psychology, such as sets of faces and objects. They are free for research use. The images in the database are organised into SETS, with each set ofte
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  • How/Why Use PsychWiki
    * You can also add a page on any topic. [[Add a Page|see how to Add a Page]]. ... to journals with the goal of self promotion in mind to get their name and research out there to be reviewed and cited by others.
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  • 2006 Gallup Positive Psychology Summit
    This page is for notes from the 2006 Positive Psychology Summit held at the Gallup Bu ...on't worry if it isn't formatted perfectly as others who are watching this page will help.
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  • Organizing Framework
    ... R. (Manuscript in preparation). An organizing framework for psychological research. ...ach; McGuire, 1983). A useful way to understand and describe psychological research, therefore, is by using a jigsaw puzzle analogy.
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  • Matthew T. Gailliot
    - Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Albany (September, 2009 – present) - FSU Graduate Student Research and Creativity Award (2007)
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  • Morality Website Collaboration
    * save timing after IRB page * one single IRB page
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  • Happiness Education Course Ideas
    This page was created for [[Ravi Iyer]] and [[Brian Lickel]] to brainstorm over ideas This page may be a bit outdated...check out the [[USC happiness course lab]] page for more
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  • Graduate Student grants/awards APA APAGS Bloch and Ritchie Honorary Scholarship] is for proposed research on topic determined each year by APA that relates to an important social is ...of graduate training, and have a strong interest in applying psychological research findings to the development of public policy.
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  • Self-report Questionnaires
    ... down the self-report measures/instruments/tests/surveys you need for your research in social or personality psychology. Here are a few tips to help you get st *Another good resource is the [ Social-personality Psychology Instrument Compendium], which
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  • Conceptions of Justice/Fairness Scale
    This page is for interested and knowledgable psychology researchers to brainstorm on There is a discussion page here for interested parties to talk about items as well. Opportunities for
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  • New Features
    ... as an alternative to the normal naming system. For example, the PsychWiki page on aggression is "" but you can als ...n style="font-size:120%"> ''''' [[Did You Know | "Did You Know..." archive page]] ''''' </span>
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  • Research Design Fall 2007 the “basic” information you need to know to get you up-to-speed on Research Design. ...esign so that you will be able to confidently conduct your own independent research after the course is over. See the previous section of [[#Class Materials |
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  • Did You Know
    ...eople). See the [ 2012 Research Challenge website] for full details. .../ new research] in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that found displaying
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  • Creating a Learning Society: What have Organisational Psychologists to Offer?
    ...erse inputs and perspectives, and, most importantly, to identify important research that we have so far overlooked, one way of putting what we would like to do ...main [ Wikipedia]specifically discourages original research and personal points of view, a “Lab meeting” typically starts precisely
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  • Problem of Missing Data
    ... to measure empirical reality so missing values thwart the very purpose of research. The less data collected, the less data that can be analyzed, and reducing ◄ Back to [[Analyzing Data]] page
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  • What type of job do I want?
    *#See the [[Career Planning]] page that walks you through the questions to ask to identify your career goals. ... schools hire you for both research and teaching, but the focus is more on research than teaching.
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  • Checking Data Entry
    ...collected your data online or through an online system (such as [[Internet Research Tools | surveymonkey or your own hosted site]], then the data *should* tran ... is to discover reality, so incorrectly entered data thwart the purpose of research.
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  • Should I check for outliers?
    ...eality, so removing the “outlier” is the antithesis of why you conduct research. ◄ Back to [[Analyzing Data]] page
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  • Dealing with Outliers
    ...very study you analyze and deal with outliers consistently throughout your research. ◄ Back to [[Analyzing Data]] page
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  • The Big 5 as a Model of Personality Perception: “That line’s got personality!” of the structure of personality entails two primary components. As past research demonstrates, one is the actual personality that individuals experience or ...ts were presented with a line (10.16 cm in length) drawn at the top of the page. They were asked to rate the extent to which each trait described the line,
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  • Progressing a Paradigm Shift in Psychometrics
    ...ain [ Wikipedia] specifically discourages original research and personal points of view, a “Lab meeting” starts precisely with one ...s leave this lead page much as it is but copy it into the “Discussion” page and then enter their comments at the precise places where they belong in th
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  • Ways to Use PsychWiki
    Research :* Develop and brainstorm research ideas in a new way ([[Conceptions of Justice/Fairness Scale|example]])
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  • Knowledgebase
    ...people who have answers. If you have a question, type it into the relevant page and it will appear as a red link [[Help:Creating_new_pages |(learn more her something to share/answer, just click "edit" at the top of the relevant page [[Edit | (learn more here)]].
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  • Other questions about meta-analyses?
    ...ndence and coding more than one ES per Ss. (See Johnson and Eagely, 2000, page 519 ...sis.. page 520. see also Lipsey and Wilson (2001) Practical meta-analysis, page 146-
    5 KB (799 words) - 02:34, 22 November 2016
  • Category Tags
    ...tegories to group your individual pages together around your classes, your research, etc. This is a kind of information "hub" that is a centralized portal for *You create a 'hub' by placing category labels at the bottom of the page, and all pages with the same label are grouped together.
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  • Lisa Feldman Barrett
    ....html Boston College faculty profile]</ref> in Boston, and an Associate in Research at At the beginning of her career, Dr. Barrett's research focused on the structure of [[Affect (psychology)|affect]], having develope
    4 KB (564 words) - 19:11, 28 June 2010
  • Literature Review
    ...ers to the Literature Review as an independent activity and as a part of a research thesis.'' ...iterature Review is summary of relevant research findings that relate to a research topic. An excellent summary of how to perform an independent literature re
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  • Where can I find a list of private and public institutions that provide funding?
    ...port and HFG Review to inform the public of the findings of HFG-sponsored research and to discuss how that knowledge relates to problems of society today. ...issues. See the [[RAND]] page within PsychWiki for more information on how research is conducted at RAND, the similarities and differences between the work env
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  • "my psychwiki"
    ...yINFO are a starting point for seeing psychologists' web pages, lab pages, research pages, and so forth. Online publicizing is the natural extension of why eve ... to disseminate previously inaccessible information such as feedback about research ideas/designs, comments on published works, discussion of theoretical ideas
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  • Using Positive Psychology to Build Positive Emotions - Notes from the Seminar
    ...translation (Sorry Natalie). '''Please improve these notes by editing this page.''' ''This wiki code has been generated with 'I love wiki', an HTML to wiki Slides will be available on greater good website At GGSF, our focus is research on the science of a meaningful life Resources for a compassionate and resil
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  • General tips, tricks, and advice for graduate school
    #Research is most important, so when in doubt choose research over more classes or teaching work. #When working on any research projects always clarify whether or not you will get publication credit.
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