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  • How/Why Use PsychWiki
    * You can also add a page on any topic. [[Add a Page|see how to Add a Page]]. ... to journals with the goal of self promotion in mind to get their name and research out there to be reviewed and cited by others.
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  • 2006 Gallup Positive Psychology Summit
    This page is for notes from the 2006 Positive Psychology Summit held at the Gallup Bu ...on't worry if it isn't formatted perfectly as others who are watching this page will help.
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  • Organizing Framework
    ... R. (Manuscript in preparation). An organizing framework for psychological research. ...ach; McGuire, 1983). A useful way to understand and describe psychological research, therefore, is by using a jigsaw puzzle analogy.
    16 KB (2,407 words) - 23:58, 12 November 2016
  • Matthew T. Gailliot
    - Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Albany (September, 2009 – present) - FSU Graduate Student Research and Creativity Award (2007)
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  • Morality Website Collaboration
    * save timing after IRB page * one single IRB page
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  • Happiness Education Course Ideas
    This page was created for [[Ravi Iyer]] and [[Brian Lickel]] to brainstorm over ideas This page may be a bit outdated...check out the [[USC happiness course lab]] page for more
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  • Graduate Student grants/awards APA APAGS Bloch and Ritchie Honorary Scholarship] is for proposed research on topic determined each year by APA that relates to an important social is ...of graduate training, and have a strong interest in applying psychological research findings to the development of public policy.
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  • Self-report Questionnaires
    ... down the self-report measures/instruments/tests/surveys you need for your research in social or personality psychology. Here are a few tips to help you get st *Another good resource is the [ Social-personality Psychology Instrument Compendium], which
    2 KB (320 words) - 20:12, 7 September 2009
  • Conceptions of Justice/Fairness Scale
    This page is for interested and knowledgable psychology researchers to brainstorm on There is a discussion page here for interested parties to talk about items as well. Opportunities for
    21 KB (3,214 words) - 22:52, 27 June 2010
  • New Features
    ... as an alternative to the normal naming system. For example, the PsychWiki page on aggression is "" but you can als ...n style="font-size:120%"> ''''' [[Did You Know | "Did You Know..." archive page]] ''''' </span>
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  • Research Design Fall 2007 the “basic” information you need to know to get you up-to-speed on Research Design. ...esign so that you will be able to confidently conduct your own independent research after the course is over. See the previous section of [[#Class Materials |
    10 KB (1,481 words) - 01:23, 27 October 2016
  • Did You Know
    ...eople). See the [ 2012 Research Challenge website] for full details. .../ new research] in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that found displaying
    121 KB (17,693 words) - 04:14, 29 October 2016
  • Creating a Learning Society: What have Organisational Psychologists to Offer?
    ...erse inputs and perspectives, and, most importantly, to identify important research that we have so far overlooked, one way of putting what we would like to do ...main [ Wikipedia]specifically discourages original research and personal points of view, a “Lab meeting” typically starts precisely
    22 KB (3,470 words) - 22:50, 27 June 2010
  • Problem of Missing Data
    ... to measure empirical reality so missing values thwart the very purpose of research. The less data collected, the less data that can be analyzed, and reducing ◄ Back to [[Analyzing Data]] page
    846 B (138 words) - 20:53, 7 September 2009
  • What type of job do I want?
    *#See the [[Career Planning]] page that walks you through the questions to ask to identify your career goals. ... schools hire you for both research and teaching, but the focus is more on research than teaching.
    2 KB (370 words) - 00:13, 2 May 2012
  • Checking Data Entry
    ...collected your data online or through an online system (such as [[Internet Research Tools | surveymonkey or your own hosted site]], then the data *should* tran ... is to discover reality, so incorrectly entered data thwart the purpose of research.
    4 KB (643 words) - 20:53, 7 September 2009
  • Should I check for outliers?
    ...eality, so removing the “outlier” is the antithesis of why you conduct research. ◄ Back to [[Analyzing Data]] page
    2 KB (347 words) - 20:53, 7 September 2009
  • Dealing with Outliers
    ...very study you analyze and deal with outliers consistently throughout your research. ◄ Back to [[Analyzing Data]] page
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  • The Big 5 as a Model of Personality Perception: “That line’s got personality!” of the structure of personality entails two primary components. As past research demonstrates, one is the actual personality that individuals experience or ...ts were presented with a line (10.16 cm in length) drawn at the top of the page. They were asked to rate the extent to which each trait described the line,
    9 KB (1,335 words) - 06:38, 29 June 2010
  • Progressing a Paradigm Shift in Psychometrics
    ...ain [ Wikipedia] specifically discourages original research and personal points of view, a “Lab meeting” starts precisely with one ...s leave this lead page much as it is but copy it into the “Discussion” page and then enter their comments at the precise places where they belong in th
    25 KB (3,973 words) - 21:07, 30 October 2016

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