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This section of PsychWiki started as a Professional Development Series in the Social Psychology Department at the University of Southern California so some of the information above arose from the collective effort of the students and professors at USC. (Learn how to use this wiki to enhance professional development meetings at your school by clicking here)

Topics Topiccs
 Q4a.jpg Where can I find a listing of journals in psychology?  Q4a.jpg Journals in Social and Personality Psychology
 Q4a.jpg What are considered the top journals in psychology?  Q4a.jpg What are considered the top journals in Social/Personality psychology?
 Q4a.jpg When would you want to publish in broad multidisciplinary journals?  Q4a.jpg What are considered the ranking/ratings of all empirical journals in Social/Personality Psychology?
 Q4a.jpg Will people outside my field know which are the best journals in my field?  Q4a.jpg What are considered the ranking/ratings of review journals in Social/Personality Psychology?
 Q4a.jpg What is the turn-around time for journals?  Q4a.jpg
 Q4a.jpg  Q4a.jpg
 Q4a.jpg  Q4a.jpg

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