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You worked your butt off in grad school for years to put yourself into a position to get a good job, applied for every relevant job, landed an interview, and was offered the position. Now what? This section is designed to help you navigate the world of being a professor. For example, what is the best advice for the first year?, what is expected of newly hired faculty members?, how do you balance work and family?

First Year:

- Why didn't someone prepare me to be a new faculty member?

- Where is the best place to start learning about being a faculty member?

- During my first year, what is advice for conducting research?

- During my first year, what is advice for teaching?

- During my first year, what is advice for service work?

- Where can I find more information about navigating the first year?

- How to set up a lab as a new professor?

Career Planning

- Why is it important to plan your career?

- How to learn what is expected of you?

- What questions should I ask about what is expected of me?

- What to do if conflicting expectations?

- What are the steps in determining my career goals?

- Where can I find more information about career planning?


- How to navigate the politics of academia?

- How to mentor graduate students?

- Where can I find information on balancing work and family?

- What are K-Awards?

- What is purpose of K-Awards?

- What are the K-Awards looking to fund?

- What are some tip on obtaining K-Awards?

- Assessing Student Learning Gains Might Be Easier (And More Important) Than You Think

- What are the APA guidelines for the undergraduate psychology major?

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