How to Present Posters

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Presenting posters at conferences is an integral aspect of life in psychology. What are your experiences at conferences? Does the information below fit with your personal experiences, or is there more advice you can add. Add to this article by using the edit tab above!

Topics Topics
 Q4a.jpg What conferences are there?  Q4a.jpg How to present posters?
 Q4a.jpg Why should you go?  Q4a.jpg What is the best way to attend a poster session?
 Q4a.jpg What should you do at the conference?  Q4a.jpg How to give talks?
 Q4a.jpg How to network at a conference?  Q4a.jpg What is the best way to attend a talk?
 Q4a.jpg Wait, you mean I can create my own conference?  Q4a.jpg Where can I go to learn more information?

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