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Why use PsychWiki?

There are a few reasons to use online resources such as...

How to use PsychWiki?

Log in (page)

How to search (page)

How to edit (page)

Add a page

Pick a topic in psychology...any topic...and write about it! There is no reason to learn something new as you likely already have several areas of expertise which you could add a page about.

Some ideas are to write about career development, academic concepts, your ongoing research topics, a paper you have written, your lab group, or resources you have found useful.

Don't worry about being "the authority" or being uber-comprehensive. If you miss something, somebody else will come along and add it. That's the beauty of a collaborative reference.

Or you can browse the existing pages and see if there is something you have to edit/add using the edit tab at the top of the page you wish to change.

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