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Why use PsychWiki?

There are a few reasons to use online resources such as...

With the advent of online tools its becoming increasing common that not only "you are your CV" but "you are your web presence"

You are your CV Its becoming increasingly common in today's culture you are your web presence

Part of your Professional_Development is to get your name and research out there to be reviewed, critiqued, and hopefully cited by others. Everyone in the field goes to conferences, submits to journals, publishes books, etc. with this goal in their mind.

Psychwiki is no substitute for traditional methods of sharing academic knowledge, but it can be a wonderful alternative tool to getting your research out there for the following reasons.

Self Promotion

With the advent of tools like Google Scholar and Wikipedia, search engines are fast becoming as prevalent for finding academic information as databases like Psychinfo. Because of their collaborative linking structure, contributing to a centralized wiki such as this is a great way to become highly visible for a given topic. How nice would it be to have your research rank highly for academic database searches in your area? Contributing to Psychwiki can give you that kind of exposure. Add a topic page and then consider adding a personal page or a page about one of your papers.

Plus, presenting your work online is a quick way to reach more people beyond just those who attended the conference where you presented your research, or read the journal where you published your research.

Collaboration with others who do exactly what you do

How many people do research on the specific subject(s) that you do research on? Here is a place where you can painlessly create a collaborative central web page for your niche research community. Rather than burdening one person with the task of keeping the page current, you can do it as a team using the same wiki technology that made wikipedia a success.

Make the world a better place for your fellow researchers

Find it frustrating that there isn't a single up to date place to find out what's new in a given research area. Here is a chance to be part of the solution. Moreover, your article will likely be THE resource for those who do not have access to academic databases and rely on search engines.

How to use PsychWiki?

Log in (page)

How to search (page)

How to edit (page)

Add a page

Pick a topic in psychology...any topic...and write about it! There is no reason to learn something new as you likely already have several areas of expertise which you could add a page about.

Some ideas are to write about career development, academic concepts, your ongoing research topics, a paper you have written, your lab group, or resources you have found useful.

Don't worry about being "the authority" or being uber-comprehensive. If you miss something, somebody else will come along and add it. That's the beauty of a collaborative reference.

Or you can browse the existing pages and see if there is something you have to edit/add using the edit tab at the top of the page you wish to change.

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