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Why use PsychWiki?

There are a few reasons to use online technologies such as

PsychWiki is a tool for psychologists. See ways to use PsychWiki

You are your CV Its becoming increasingly common in today's culture you are your web presence

How to use PsychWiki?

Log in (page)

How to search (page)

How to edit (page)

Add a page

Pick a topic in psychology...any topic...and write about it! There is no reason to learn something new as you likely already have several areas of expertise which you could add a page about.

Some ideas are to write about career development, academic concepts, your ongoing research topics, a paper you have written, your lab group, or resources you have found useful.

Don't worry about being "the authority" or being uber-comprehensive. If you miss something, somebody else will come along and add it. That's the beauty of a collaborative reference.

Or you can browse the existing pages and see if there is something you have to edit/add using the edit tab at the top of the page you wish to change.

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