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Welcome to the wonderful (and routinely frustrating) world of grant funding! Although funding is critical to our professional lives, the first think you need to know is that information about grant funding is de-centralized and sometimes hard to find. So how can PsychWiki help? The unique ability of a wiki allows us to benefit from an accumulating compendium of grant information because anyone and everyone can add information to the webpages, and

The purpose of this section is to help you find what you are looking for and put you on the path to successfully finding, applying, and being awarded grants. After you have ventured out into the wide world of grant funding, come back and report what you know, so that everyone can start benefiting ....

General Information
S2c.jpgHow to find grants/awards?
S2c.jpgHow to apply and write applications?
S2c.jpgWhat are the steps in writing grant applications?
S2c.jpgWhere can I find a list of associations and societies that provide funding?
S2c.jpgWhere can I find a list of private and public institutions that provide funding?
S2c.jpgWhere can I find a list of searchable databases?
S2c.jpgWhere can I find other resources about grants?
S2c.jpgWhat is the NIH Funding Career Development Timetable?
S2c.jpgWhat are K-Awards?
S2c.jpgWhat is purpose of K-Awards?
S2c.jpgWhat are the K-Awards looking to fund?
S2c.jpgWhat are some tip on obtaining K-Awards?
Links to specific grants/awards (with short description)...
S2c.jpg Undergraduate
S2c.jpg Pre-dissertation
S2c.jpg Dissertation
S2c.jpgGrants/Awards for underrepresented groups
S2c.jpg Graduate Student
S2c.jpg Professor
S2c.jpgEarly Career Awards
S2c.jpgDistinguished Career Awards
S2c.jpgBest Paper or Book
S2c.jpgVisting Scholar
S2c.jpgTeaching Awards and Lectureships
S2c.jpg Travel to conference
S2c.jpg Conference (organize your own conference)
S2c.jpg Study Abroad
S2c.jpgSummer school and workshops

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