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Welcome to the wonderful (and routinely frustrating) world of grant funding! Although funding is critical to our professional lives, the first think you need to know is that information about grant funding is de-centralized and sometimes hard to find. So how can PsychWiki help? The unique ability of a wiki allows us to:

The purpose of this section is to help you find what you are looking for and put you on the path to successfully finding, applying, and being awarded grants. After you have ventured out into the wide world of grant funding, come back and report what you know, so that everyone can start benefiting ....

FYI - because this page is so long, try using the "edit" tabs at the right of each section if you only want to add/edit a certain section

Start here...

How to find grants/awards

(1) Links to funding organizations (so that you know which organizations provide grants/awards),
(2) Links to databases and listings of grants/awards (so that you can search and find every grant/award that exists) and
(3) Links to specific grants/awards (so that you know which are the most prominent grants/awards in our field, and be able to easily access them)
Grants/Awards for underrepresented groups
Graduate Student
Early Career Awards
Distinguished Career Awards
Best Paper or Book
Visting Scholar
Teaching Awards and Lectureships
Travel to conference
Conference (organize your own conference)
Study Abroad
Summer school and workshops

How to apply and write applications

(1) How to apply and write applications provides tips/tricks from experts on how to successfully obtain grant funding and links to general information about grants/awards
(2) NIH Funding Career Development Timetable outlines some of the most frequently used mechanisms at NIH and organizes them by career stage.
(3) How to survive in graduate school is a page listing tips, tricks, dos, and donts from those who have survived graduate school, and some of the entries discuss how to find funding.

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