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PsychWiki is a MediaWiki installation started on December 19th 2005 for the purpose of creating a collaborative resource and compendium of practical knowledge about psychological research.

As a Wiki anyone with access to the site can edit, correct, or update the information. In a sense, PsychWiki is owned by the community, with input from anyone with experience and knowledge to share.

PsychWiki is built on the belief that collaboration improves articles and allows continuous updating of new and existing topics. The great thing about a wiki is that one can make a small addition without having to take responsibility for a whole project. The whole community can participate in small or large pieces.

All articles have full revision control and incorrect edits or vandalism can easily be reverted by others. There is also oversight by the site administrators – Doug Stenstrom and Ravi Iyer. If you are interested in taking a larger leadership role in regard to PsychWiki, see our contact information below because are always actively looking for others who believe in greater collaboration and integration in psychology research.

If you have a question, comment, or suggestions about PsychWiki, you can email us at: doug at Email1.gif, ravi at aboutmyjob dot com.

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