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Why is it important to plan your career?

Your Department's Expectations

How to learn what is expected of you?

what was the most difficult part of your adjustment to the department

Don't hestitate to ask these questions

Be proactive What happens when you can't get specific and concrete

Learn about their expectations and goals before providing information to them about your own. Why? Because you don't want to underestimate (and provide them a negative opinion about what seems like underachievement) and you don't want to overestimate (and set too of a goal that could diminish your chances of success)

communicate with department understand what htey expect of you

What questions should I ask?

  1. In the last 10 years, how many people recieved tenure?
  2. What were the difference between those who recieved tenure and those who did not?
  3. What resources exists for helping me...
  4. What is the expected level of research, teaching, and service (RTS)?
  5. Be sure to quantify what they expect of you? Some schools split the RTS as 40%, 40%, 20%, but what does 40% mean? What does 20%?
  6. Is the evaluation process formal or informal?
  7. How am I going to be evaluated?
  8. Is the evaluation conducted each year or every other year?

What to do if conflicting expectations?

Your Career Goals





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