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  1. SPSP Theoretical Innovation Prize recognizes an article or book chapter judged to provide the most innovative theoretical contribution to social/personality psychology within a given year. Award - prize of $750. Eligibility - Eligible articles are those published as papers in peer-reviewed journals or as book chapters during the previous calendar year. Books and unpublished manuscripts are not eligible.
  2. SPSP Student Publication Award recognizes excellence in student research by giving a prize to the best student-authored paper published in an SPSP journal (e.g., PSPB, PSPR). Award - $200. Eligibility - All student-authored papers that have been accepted for publication in these journals are automatically eligible for this award. There is no nomination or application process for this award.
  3. SPSSI Gordon Allport Prize is given to the best paper or article of the year on intergroup relations. Award - of $1000. Eligibility - papers published during the current year or unpublished manuscripts.
  4. SPSSI Otto Klineberg Award which honors the best paper, article, or book of the year on intercultural or international relations. Award - of $1000. Eligibility - unpublished manuscripts, in press papers or books, or papers and books published no more than 18 months prior to submission deadline.
  5. AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize author or authors of an outstanding paper published in the Research Articles or Reports sections of ‘’Science’’. Award – $25,000. The winner also receives a bronze medal, complimentary registration and reimbursement for reasonable travel and hotel expenses to attend the AAAS Annual Meeting. Eligibility - An eligible paper is one that includes original research data, theory, or synthesis; is a fundamental contribution to basic knowledge or is a technical achievement of far-reaching consequence; and is a first-time publication of the author's own work.
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