2006 Gallup Positive Psychology Summit

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This page is for notes from the 2006 Positive Psychology Summit held at the Gallup Building in Washington DC. These notes are the reconstructed and filtered opinions of attendees and as such, do not represent any official record or official viewpoint of any of the presenters. No attendee could reasonably attend every session or write down every wonderful detail as well, so please excuse the incompleteness. Still, in the spirit of positive psychology, it is hoped that these notes prove useful to positive psychology researchers.

If you attended the summit and have notes to contribute, please consider editing this document by using the edit tab at the top of this page or the edit link in each section. Good formatting is encouraged, but don't worry if it isn't formatted perfectly as others who are watching this page will help.


Workshop: Teaching Positive Psychology - Tal Ben-Shahar

"This is a class I wanted to take as an undergrad". "people can tell when you are talking from the inside...share your own experiences."


RICHARD FLORIDA - The Flight of the Creative Class: The New Global Competition for Talent

BARBARA FREDRICKSON Positive Emotions Broaden Your Mind and Build the Life You Want

MICHAEL STEGER - The Pursuit of Meaning in Life

University of Louisville (KY) USA


DANIEL KAHNEMAN - The Structure of Well-Being in Two Cities

CHRISTOPHER PETERSON & NANSOOK PARK Character Strengths and Virtues: Recent Findings

MIHALY CSIKSZENTMIHALYI Flow: History, Theory and Applications

JON HAIDT How to Flourish Using Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

University of Virginia (VA) USA

Haidt ancient wisdom Rider driver vs elephant Flourishing class Train elephant Change elephant surrounding Understand rider elephant relationship

We are moralistic hypocrites...accurate of others...blind to self Naive realism Motivated reasoning search for evidence on side we want to suppport Manacheism bush bin laden vs samsara Foundations of morals 5 groups Harm fairness ingroup authority purity

sacred victim vs Sacred system Liberals use victim...conserv use all 5 Diversity and mobility lead to thin morality

Happiness hypothesis... From outside getting what you want or from within...auth hap goos work,love and strengths in service of others... Ultrasociality bees wasps ants termites moles and us Slider switch of altruism Good leader makes good hive Happiness comes from between relationships

Poster Notes

Other Notes

Res competitions on pos energy and place oct 4-6 2006...mysore conference?

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