2006 Gallup Positive Psychology Summit

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This page is for notes from the 2006 Positive Psychology Summit held at the Gallup Building in Washington DC. These notes are the reconstructed and filtered opinions of attendees and as such, do not represent any official record or official viewpoint of any of the presenters. No attendee could reasonably attend every session or write down every wonderful detail as well, so please excuse the incompleteness. Still, in the spirit of positive psychology, it is hoped that these notes prove useful to positive psychology researchers.

If you attended the summit and have notes to contribute, please consider editing this document by using the edit tab at the top of this page or the edit link in each section. Good formatting is encouraged, but don't worry if it isn't formatted perfectly as others who are watching this page will help.

Workshop: Teaching Positive Psychology - Tal Ben-Shahar

Make things personal This is a class I wanted to take as an undergrad...people can tell when you are talking from the inside...share your own experiences.

Permission to be human....him in cafeteria...does experience lows and highs....only dead and psychopaths not...baby video going from laughing to crying...rogers humanism...ironic processing, wegner.....do not think of pink elephant...do not be anxious....I will not accept gravity. Great deception as people don't admit how they are doing...AA niebuhr quote on changing things .....

Self acceptance of emotions meditation....davidson and kabatzin mindfulness research...shelly taylor vizualization

Action AND reflection Class needs to be experiential...ie gratitude exercise. Reflactive learning.. Markus howard king 1993

Habit charts...edwin locke..goal setting...baumeister 1998....radish and chocolate..limited resource of dicipline should not be wasted. Psychology of full engagement book....how many people put effort into brushing your teeth every morning?...make habits and habits make us....

Authentic = authority...

Operate on strengths...go from 10 to 40 than from 0 to 10 easier use teaching strengths...what's more important to work on? 75% weaknesses over strengths.

Prepare prepare prepare then improv

Role model...people do what you do, not what you say....cheek not chin exercise

Marva collins way

All materials online...www.fas.harvard.edu/ tilda psy1504

Add humility to psychwiki...

Optimism vs optimism induction in network analysis scheier

Gallup world poll Ranking millenium development goals in various countries for individuals...ie health vs education vs technology...ugandan boreholes unused by women....social time

John mccarthur at un milenium project & earth institute at columbia university

Optimism in africa is inversely correlated with income and education...opposite the west...carol ? U MD www.afrobarometer.org

Well being index..

Creativeclass.org email him about curiosity and bohemia? Florida@gmu.edu

Frederickson....change in mindfulness scale...broaden hypothesis seeing big picture...pick out races better in neg mood


Steger...meaning in life scale....emmons personal striving scale...forward him meaning data from liferank? Michael_f_steger@yahoo.com....michael.f.steger.googlepages.com/home carol rif and beaker meaning in geriatric patients?

Mapp program...

Thought experiment. Genie with cape color Giving positive psychology away...living independently for elders...email to ask about it?

Gable & dweck think about good things as deeply as bad....converse about bad longer Leverage strengths (peterson)

Thegreenberggroup.org strengths and engaged moments of employees....enthusiastic sponsor

Positive and negative explanatory styles in lawyers...neg predicts success...instrinsic to extrinsic motivation david shearon high depression rates.

Flourishingschools.org workshops to bring out the best in teachers 5 parts over 3 days Via strengths. Exercising to build positive emotions Hope and appreciative inquiry to create plans Presented positive psych data



Daniel kahneman....remembered self vs experiencing self leads to interest in time use...easier to control. How do you feel right now? Day reconstruction...difmax happy minus max tense, angry, depress? U index how often neg 18% amer women...21 on wwekday 14 weekend...top 10% account for 40% In columbus and france Similar results....low energy...sleep quality...affective disposition Engaged leisure eatinf talking passive leisure. Home compulsory work commute American women less happy in childcare...much more with children...better social...pet almost as good as friend...us better working...french better eating...frnch advantage by having vacations....

Life factors impact life sat...not experienced

Cost benefit of mates.....married less alone...more w fam less w friends more compulsory home tasks less discretionary activities....people who are rich work a lot and don't like it much more

2 dimensions of happiness.....pleasure and arousal....satisfied equals aroused but tense

Improving time use in addition to attention

Tal ben shahr....mindfulness to process gratitude deeper

Peterson strengths....age eq more religious. Less humor...married eq more forgive

Content analysis of talk about child Youth most love, kind. Creative, humor, curious Less authentic, grateful, modest, forgiving, open minded

Gratitude comes at 7 related happ Maintaining curiosity leads to happiness in adults...all children are this way Positive outcomes Military eq love Teacher eq zest humor academic kids contr iq eq persevere love, grat Happy kids eq love, hope, zest, grat Parenting....parent self control eq child hap

Faith hope and love up after 9 11

Use signature strengths in novel ways less depr and more happy

Tradeoff graph....heart mind....self other


Focused attention Less self conscious Action and awareness merge Freedom from work about failure Forget about time Experience is its own reward auto telic

Conditions Clear goals at every step Immediate feedback to actions Balance between challenge and skill else anxiety or boredom

Talk about buildings in denmark and getty center Examples like poet, chess

Fast company article on flow


3 sets of data on happiness effects

Haidt ancient wisdom Rider driver vs elephant Flourishing class Train elephant Change elephant surrounding Understand rider elephant relationship

We are moralistic hypocrites...accurate of others...blind to self Naive realism Motivated reasoning search for evidence on side we want to suppport Manacheism bush bin laden vs samsara Foundations of morals 5 groups Harm fairness ingroup authority purity

sacred victim vs Sacred system Liberals use victim...conserv use all 5 Diversity and mobility lead to thin morality

Happiness hypothesis... From outside getting what you want or from within...auth hap goos work,love and strengths in service of others... Ultrasociality bees wasps ants termites moles and us Slider switch of altruism Good leader makes good hive Happiness comes from between relationships

Res competitions on pos energy and place oct 4-6 2006...mysore conference?

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