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What is "my psychwiki"? You've probably noticed there are no postings in this category. That is because you can use PsychWiki to have your own stand-alone pages to help with your professional life in psychology. Not every page has to be linked or seen by everyone. PsychWiki was created by psychologists for psychologists so the purpose of PsychWiki is for the professional user community to use for whatever professional purpose they wish.

For example, some people have created pages for:
- their classes (example), individual class assignments (example and example), helping teaching assistants coordinate the lab sections (example), brainstorming ideas for courses (example), association website (example), student group website (example), organizing events (example), lab groups (example), brownbags and speaker series (example), professional development series (example), announcing workshops (example), posting online studies (example), group events (example), collaborative notes from conferences (example), posting interesting study results (example)

How to create a new page

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