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:&rArr; their classes &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;([[Article Assignment Psy 422 Fall 2008|example]])
:&rArr; their classes &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ([[Statistics Spring 2008|example]])
:&rArr; individual class assignments ([[PSY 322 Social Psychology Fall 2009 |example]])
:&rArr; individual class assignments ([[Article Assignment Psy 422 Fall 2008|example]])
:&rArr; coordinating RAs for lab sections ([[Science of Happiness Class - Fall 2008 Labs|example]])
:&rArr; coordinating RAs for lab sections ([[Science of Happiness Class - Fall 2008 Labs|example]])
:&rArr; brainstorming ideas for courses ([[Happiness Education Course Ideas|example]])
:&rArr; brainstorming ideas for courses ([[Happiness Education Course Ideas|example]])

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my·psych·wiki - noun    (ˈmī ˈsīk ˈwikē)
  1. a tool for creating your own stand-alone pages to help with your professional life in psychology
  2. interactive platform for disseminating knowledge and publicizing your work
  3. a new way to connect people with common psychology interests


Why have "my psychwiki" in psychology?

How to use "my psychwiki"?

For example, some people have created stand-alone pages for:

⇒ their classes     (example)
⇒ individual class assignments (example)
⇒ coordinating RAs for lab sections (example)
⇒ brainstorming ideas for courses (example)
⇒ association website (example)
⇒ organizing events (example)
⇒ student group website (example)
⇒ lab groups (example)
⇒ brownbags and speaker series (example)
⇒ professional development series (example)
⇒ announcing workshops (example)
⇒ posting online studies (example)
⇒ group events (example)
⇒ collaborative notes from conferences (example)
⇒ posting interesting study results (example)

And here is how to use each Category:

-- create your own annotated bibliography online for easy access...
-- publicize your research and link it to other pages/concepts...
-- see comments about published research or get feedback on your own research...
-- post conference proceedings to integrate with other similar research...
-- some people use psychwiki to create pages about famous psychology studies...

-- see some of the work done in various labs or share some of your own work...
-- wiki software is designed to make it free/easy to create your own webpage...

-- create a centralized hub of information around a single topic...
-- provide a forum for discussion...

-- connect to other researchers with shared research interests...
-- a new way to collaborate at the level of the entire research field, not just your department/school...
-- a new way to create Review articles collectively...
-- a new way for getting feedback on your research idea or research design...

A wiki provides a useful way to present this new information to the collective benefit of the field by sharing our experiences and knowledge

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